12600 OL: Developing Alternative Privacy Learning Pathways Through Open Educational Practices

06/11/2015 @ 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
CA Ballroom C

Organizers: Karen Smith, Marc Lesser,
Presenters: Carla Casilli, Sam Toll

Youth have varied experiences related to privacy in their everyday lives. Dominant discourses surrounding privacy and youth highlight “risk” and the apathy of young people. Additionally, perspectives which emphasize youth as consumers, and passive subjects of surveillance and monitoring are prevalent. These discourses have been identified as insufficient by scholars and practitioners.
This panel of presentations, as part of the Open Learning/Educational Technologies Track, will push back against this idea that youth lack agency concerning their privacy. We will explore promising privacy learning pathways that are reflective of open educational practices and that help to reinforce privacy as a foundational right and as a component of an equitable and just society.

Potential open educational resources (OERs) and practices to encourage privacy literacy amongst youth, and their active participation to build their privacy rights are diverse. The panelists involved in this session will be highlight their experiences with the following privacy learning pathways.

* Pathways of resistance: how are youth resisting surveillance and monitoring in their everyday lives? What monitoring and surveillance practices are problematic to youth and how do they contest them?

* Pathways of expression: how are youth sharing their experiences of privacy through online story telling, remix and other forms of creative expression. What types of activities to elicit creative expression on privacy have been successful when implemented by teachers, youth workers, and youth themselves?

* Pathways of exploration: how are youth responding to issues of privacy in novel ways based on their unique experience and context? What type of activities could we design that aren’t part of our lived experiences as educators/adults?

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