1000 ED: DML in Action

06/13/2015 @ 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
The Wiltern B

Organizers: Sangita Shresthova, Gabriel Peters-Lazaro, Andrew Slack

Inspired by the brilliant minds and creative work of the DML community of scholars, educators and makers, DML in Action aims to create a new means by which this community can connect and make a positive impact in the world. In keeping with this year’s conference theme of Equity by Design, DML in Action puts values of participatory learning and participatory politics into action, creating a space for consensus building and community mobilization through innovative, creative, and performative uses of digital tools and tactics.

During the conference, participants will be invited to share stories, images and ideas about the past, present and future of learning. These contributions will provide the foundations for the DML in Action workshop in which participants will synthesize them into a narrative arc with the intention of launching a social media campaign based on an agreed upon issue or goal that is important to the DML community.

Utilizing a worldbuilding methodology and pop-culture mashup techniques inspired by the Harry Potter Alliance, participants will tap into their civic imaginations to create a spreadable vision of the future of learning and a concrete set of actions to help us achieve or avoid that vision depending on the creative tone and narrative choices of the group.

Joining forces from the Harry Potter Alliance, the Media, Activism and Participatory Politics project and USC’s Media Arts + Practice division, organizers will enact an interdisciplinary approach that mirrors the strengths of the DML community at large. #DML2055

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