Ignite Talks Call for Proposals Announced:
March 18, 2015

Ignite Talks Call for Proposals Deadline:
May 15, 2015

Ignite talks are radically different from traditional conference talks. We’re looking for humor, wit, energy and inspiration to be packed into one powerful five-minute talk. Visual and conceptual impact is also a must. To view ignite talks from last year’s DML Conference, click here.

If you haven’t seen an ignite talk, be sure to do a quick search for “ignite talks” to watch some of the thousands of Ignite Talks out there or check out these sites for a quick tutorial:

The DML2015 Ignite Talk events will be Chaired and hosted by Andrew Slack and Anna Dardick.

Ignite Talks events will take place:

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Sophia Bender  @CLabsIU Indiana University
Tim Carpenter @engagedaging Founder, EngAGE
Erhardt Graeff @erhardt Center for Civic Media, MIT Media Lab
Mary Hendra @facinghistory Los Angeles Director, Facing History and Ourselves
Allie Hoffman @alliepostpari Founder, Start from Here
Debora Lui @dlui University of Pennsylvania
Gabrielle Lyon @LyonGabrielle Chicago Architecture Foundation
Jessica Pandya @jzpandya CSU Long Beach College of Education
Steven Pargett @peaceishuman Dream Defenders
Andrew Rasiej @rasiej Civic Hall/Personal Democracy Media
Ramesh Srinivasan @rameshmedia UCLA
Almetria Vaba @metravaba KQED
Leora Wolf-Prusan @Leorawp The Dinner Party (dinnerparty.org) and WestED (www.wested.org)
Friday, June 12, 2015
Wendy Levy @twendywendy National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
Rudy Blanco @RudyBlancs The Dreamyard Project
Gardner Campbell @GardnerCampbell Virginia Commonwealth University
Allison Cook @allisonsarah @storyofstuff The Story of Stuff Project
Lennon Flowers @LennonFlowers Co-Founder, The Dinner Party
Daniel Hickey @dthickey Indiana University
Renee Hobbs @reneehobbs University of Rhode Island
Mike Marriner @mikemarriner Roadtrip Nation
Janae Phillips @janaeisms The Harry Potter Alliance
Anna Smith & Antero Garcia @anna_phd & @anterobot University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign & Colorado State University
Jonathan Worth @Jonathan_Worth Coventry University
Autumn Williams  @autumnbreon Senior entrepreneur of changemaker schools at Ashoka


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